EAT 2003

Anthropological Self-Portrait #1


My name is Christopher Jennings and I am an artist living and working in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

On New Years Eve 2002, while attending a Flaming Lips concert in Chicago, I was struck with the bizarre notion of taking a picture of everything I would eat in 2003 starting that evening at midnight. It wasn't immediately clear why this concept interested me, but after a few weeks it started to come together as an interesting self-portrait piece. So armed with a digital camera I moved forward under the pretense that if you are what you eat, then this is who I am.

I thought that by laying my diet bare on the internet for all to see might somehow influence my dietary choices, perhaps for the better. Not so. If anything my diet was the worst it has been in a good many years. The only way I was able to maintain my weight was by near constant running and light weight lifting.

As time marched on I became aware of how much more information these photos and logged entries contained. It became a history of my travels, the people I was with and where I was at in certain points of my life. For most people the smiley face cookie I ate on July 7th is probably just a bit silly. For me it was a cheap pick-me-up after having hours earlier gone through the painful process of breaking up with my girlfriend.

So here I am 2,154 photos later...

I will be posting more thoughts and explanations regarding this project as I focus them into more clear and articulate ideas. I will be working on various summaries of the most commonly eaten items, various locations food was consumed, etc. There also will be a limited edition book that will function as both an art piece and an annual report of sorts (available soon).

If you have any specific questions or comments regarding this project please email me at

You can also find more information about myself and my art at my primary website:

Thank you for your interest and
Bon Appétit

Christopher Jennings

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